Monday, December 6, 2010

The hot and stylish Nokia 7230 Mobile Phone reviews

Nokia 7230 Review is for offering you a detailed information about a 3G entry level sliding cell phone which has been launched earlier this year (Samsung S5260 is also launched this year), and runs on Nokia’s S40. The instrument is a uncomplicated sliding mobile phone, but nonetheless, it features some fine amenities. They are 3.2 megapixel camera and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Therefore it seems that the handset aims the younger generation.  Along with Nokia 7230, you will get a battery, a stereo hands-free kit, a mains charger, a 2GB Micro SD card and a user guide. It is noteworthy that the PC connector cable is absent.

The phone has a slim body and a glossy, curvaceous design. The sides have a chrome shining along with a dedicated key for the camera and the matte finished plastic back plate as battery cover. The device deceptively looks very weighty, but once we handle it, the low-end nature of the phone becomes obvious. The display presents a nicely textured panel which hides two soft keys, a send key and an end key, along with a five-way d-pad inside. This panel is colored in pink or graphite, even so the battery cover.

The display is of the size and resolution which is appropriate for the purpose, but the viewing angles are not that good, which proves it failure. It is 2.4 inches and is having a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Albeit it is perfectly bright for a comfortable use, contrast levels and saturation keep on altering quite frequently depending on the the angles in which we view it. The display is also small for continuous usage of internet, however the on-board browser presents pages nicely.

The finishing quality of somewhat unsatisfactory make a jarring sound and soft-keys are presents problems in pressing. Below the shiny screen, there, are delicately uplifted number keys, which are well-lit and respond well, however they are a little small and congested. It was however to explore the phone through the Nokia 7230 Review.

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